About Hippie Living

Who are We?

Kate and I are just a couple of people out exploring the world and making our own way. During college, we did some traveling around the United States to places like Colorado, Virginia, Chicago, and more. In doing so we were exposed to different all sorts of different people, places, and ways of life. WHith this spark of curiosity ignited. From there we didn’t really know what we wanted, knew we DID NOT want to just stay put in Missouri where we both grew up.

Without much to lose, we packed up our cars and moved to Denver. With no jobs lined up and minimal savings, we were scared but excited. Not knowing what a grand adventure this would turn out to be we soon became engrossed in Skiing, Hiking, Camping, and all the outdoorsy stuff but also In exploring the city and meeting people. After years though we had enough of Denver and relocated to Heber City, Utah. our love of the outdoors only grew but with that came the question: Who knew Utah was so great, where else have we never considered that we might like even more?

That’s what we are now trying to answer. After a brief trip back to Missouri to build out our current home, the lovely Ram Promaster named Evangeline; we have been exploring the western states in search of adventure and home alike. From California to Washington, Idaho to Montana, we’re taking our time and seeing what this great nation has to offer.

How we got our Start

The Early Years

After a few too many trips out west during college we were hooked!

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Kates is a queen, and the perfect match for me. Staying bubble, fun, and optimistic in almost every situation. Both a dreamer and believer she reminds me constantly that anything is possible. In our hobbies, we are almost identical but in personality, we differ greatly. I think that’s part of what makes us work so well. We enjoy doing things together but also balance each other out.

Hippie Living Kate hiking Washington state
Hippie Living Zach rock climbing city of rocks idaho


Is there anything harder or more restricting than trying to define one’s self? A single paragraph hardly seems sufficient to adequately express the intricacies of one’s personality. But, this website needs context so here goes. From a young age, I was always a little wild. Having grown up in the wood of rural Missouri there was plenty of space for both my body and imagination to roam. From climbing trees or playing in the creek to fighting monsters and flying through imaginary lands my childhood was always an adventure. 
As I grew older and moved to the suburbs and then college I feel I lost some of this. It wasn’t until a trip out to the Rockies in College that I remembered my love for nature and the feeling of being a kid again returned if only briefly. It’s taken years and I am far from done but finding a balance between growing up, working on a career, and being a Man, matched with maintaining the child-like joy of being alive is getting easier.

Van Life

In order to expand our horizons and travel as much as Kate and I want; in December of 2021 we moved into our self-built camper van. Since then we’ve been Hiking, Skiing, Climbing, Living, and yes, Working, from all across the western US. Having spent time in Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, and Montana we’ve really been able to see a lot. We don’t post a ton but feel free to follow along on our adventure or reach out for camping sports or must-see locations! A big part of this has become a desire to show people that you can do anything you want and don’t have to follow the patterns others have laid before you.

How we do it

Having both made our way into self-employed computer-based careers has been instrumental in allowing us to travel and live the way we do. Unfortunately, work is a part of life, even in hunter-gatherer societies of the past, you had to invest the time to hunt food and gather water; this is one of those revelations that have made the process of growing up more acceptable. Kate being an extremely talented Graphic Designer and Animator, and myself a Web Master has given us the freedom to do this necessary work on our own terms rather than someone else’s. Here is a shameless plug to our graphic and web design business. Maybe you need some work done?