Embracing Space: The Importance of Taking Breaks in Van Life with Your Partner

In a world that often glorifies constant togetherness in relationships, the idea of taking a break or seeking some personal space can be met with skepticism. However, for those embracing the nomadic lifestyle of living in a van with a partner, the need for occasional breaks becomes not just acceptable but essential for maintaining a … Read more

From Injury to Ultra Trail Aspirations: My Journey Back to Running

They say that inspiration can come from the most unexpected places, and for me, it arrived in the form of my friends who are now ultra trail runners. In 2019, I experienced a debilitating injury—a torn meniscus—that left me unable to run. The pain and frustration were overwhelming, but the resilience of my friends and … Read more

Sardines! Nature’s Smelliest Superfood

sardines natures smelliest super food

So by now, you may have heard that many multivitamins are not all that effective. Or, maybe you’re just hearing it now for the first time. Either way, I have a solution for you, but you may not like it. Sardines, nature’s smelliest superfood. Now you’re probably thinking NOOOOO way, but hear me out. I … Read more