Sardines! Nature’s Smelliest Superfood

sardines natures smelliest super food

So by now, you may have heard that many multivitamins are not all that effective. Or, maybe you’re just hearing it now for the first time. Either way, I have a solution for you, but you may not like it. Sardines, nature’s smelliest superfood. Now you’re probably thinking NOOOOO way, but hear me out. I was like you once, repulsed, barely able to bring myself to it. Now it’s a breeze, can’t say I love em but 3 or 4 times a week I crack open a can, and bottoms up. It helps that they usually go down in 4 bites so the suffering really doesn’t last long. Anyways, maybe I’d have a  better chance of convincing you if I explained some of the benefits of eating them in the first place.  

Fish Oil, the magic smart drug. The fat from cold water fish is an excellent source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and one of the only ways for us humans to get EPA & DHA in our diets. This is the main reason I got started on my ‘Dine Routine’. These oils are shown to help immensely in the brain with things like preserving cell membranes, fighting inflammation, and helping signals travel around effectively. The real kicker is this though, when your brain is firing well people are shown to be happier as a result of that alone. This is so effective that over 30 different studies have shown improvement in depression symptoms for people when tried next to a placebo. That is literally life-changing.

Vitamins, these little dudes are chocked full of em. Namely vitamin D and a few varieties of B. Now these are great since us Americans are two things, chronically tired and never getting enough sun, except people from Florida but they are a different breed. Lucky for us B12 and their other B vitamins are known for boosting energy. D is great for a whole host of things and since the primary source of it comes from getting out in the sun it’s nice to know we can pick it up elsewhere. In addition, getting vitamins from food instead of a pill can be far more beneficial as lots of studies have shown supplements to be hard to absorb. 

Lastly, is a few basic nutrients. The two most relevant of which are Calcium and Protein. The average can of Sardines has roughly 17 grams of protein and almost half of your daily recommended calcium. Still having the tiny unnoticeable bones in them means they are a great way to support your very own joints and bones. The bonus, and what really got me into bones and broth in the first place is glycine; an amino acid that does wonders for gut health by replenishing the natural mucosal layer that protects your stomach and other organs. Every little bit of these dudes supply your body with much-needed nutrients.

I like to eat these dudes first thing in the AM. Knocking them out early and on an empty stomach ensures maximum absorption. Then I can reward myself with some extra salsa or hot sauce with my eggs when I have real breakfast. All kidding aside I’ve been consuming 3 to 4 cans a week for the past few months and have noticed the effects. When I’m consistent with it I simply feel better. I’ve tried a lot of different health hacks and tricks, but this has got to be one of the most notable and easiest to implement. And I promise, the taste does start to grow on you by like can number 3.

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