Try Something New – Car Photography

car photography and utah's mt timpanogos

Try something new, you might love it. 

I have a passion for photography but it has always been landscapes, nature, animals, stuff like that. Well, recently I’ve been trying to sell my car. To do that I need photos right. So, I’m not a car guy by any means and although I’ve seen other people do it I have never had any interest in car photography. Just didn’t think it would be any fun. Boy was I wrong.

mount timpanogos and a ford focus brand photography
my old ford focus positioned in front of Utah’s Mount Timpanogos

With the new year, I’ve made a commitment to trying new things as well as expanding my photography portfolio. Nature photos are cool and all but most photographers would agree there is more money available for Products and Portrait photos. So with this in mind I decided instead of just snapping some photos with my phone and posting it to Craigslist I would really give it my all and do a real-deal photoshoot with my little Ford Focus. After spending my morning watching YouTube videos it was time. I loaded up my camera and drove down the road to a nice location just in time for sunset. Everything came together perfectly. I mean, what do you think?

This shoot ended up being so much fun and I was so close to never experiencing it. Not only did I end up with some great photos but I actually think I’m going to do more car photography in the future.

The moral of the story here is ‘Don’t Knock It Till You’ve Tried It’. The worst case scenario is you now know ‘Hey, that’s not for me’, and best case scenario you find a new talent that you are both good at and thoroughly enjoy.

Get out there and try something new.

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